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The best way to really appreciate the benefits of a water softener is for you to experience it for yourself. One of our water treatment experts can visit your home at a time that suits you.Their approach is professional and courteous and they will show you the difference between hard and soft water so you can see and feel the immediate advantages. They will also check your plumbing system and recommend the best softener for your needs.

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About Us

Wight Water Services is the Authorised Kinetico Dealer for the Isle of Wight. We provide a complete water quality treatment package of sales and service for water softeners, drinking water systems and filters. We also provide tablet, block and granular salt, filters for fridges and drinking systems and associated spares. Whilst we supply the domestic market, we can supply softeners, water systems and filters to the commercial market too, Island wide.

Water Softeners

For customers on mains water, i.e. supplied by Southern Water, we can remove lime scale and/or chlorine. Some customers with older installations may have issues with lead pipes which we can also assist with.  The Isle of Wight is officially designated as a Hard Water Area so everyone would benefit by having a softener installed in their home, see the benefits by clicking here.


We can provide the same services to the commercial market so local hotels, restaurants, launderettes, pubs, breweries, dairies etc. can be supplied with water treatment equipment, such as softeners, filters, ultra violet, reverse osmosis etc. Give us a call on the number below to discuss your specific requirements.

Private Water Supplies

For those on the Island that have a Private Water Supply (PWS), usually from a borehole or well, the Council has a duty to carry out a sample and risk assessment under the PWS Regulations 2009. If you pass then, good news, life carries on as usual. If not, it’s time to give us a call and have a discussion about the results. We’ve mentioned we can help with lime scale, chlorine & lead and we can also advise on other common issues such as unacceptable levels of  Iron, eColi, Cryptosporidium,  Legionella, PH and bacteria, to mention a few.

Private Water Supplies to a single dwelling (only one single domestic dwelling uses the water) are currently exempt from Council testing, but if you’re concerned about the quality of your water in any way we can assist.


Our main supplier is Kinetico, who are one of the most experienced companies in this field, having started trading in 1970. They are renowned for providing high quality equipment, with worthwhile guarantees and proven reliability. We are their local authorised dealership, covering all of The Isle of Wight. For products that our outside the scope of supply of Kinetico we have relationships with other specialists, so we can provide a complete solution to your water issues.

For more information please contact Martin on: 07500 041045


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